Product benefits - Taps and Showers

Taps and showers

Taps are valves that control the flow of water at basins or sinks. Mixing taps blend the incoming hot and cold water to produce water at a desired temperature.



Showers vary in mounting type, pipe exposure and kit form. Showers can be supplied with pre-mixed water, or incoming hot and cold water can be blended in the shower valve to the desired temperature.

Both taps and showers are available with manual, automatic and electronic operation.


  • Reduce water use with flow regulator or self-closing mechanisms.
  • Self-closing mechanisms are more hygienic, reducing contact with contaminated surfaces.
  • Reduce the risk of scalding through preset maximum temperature limiters, pressure balancing mechanisms or integral TMVs with anti-scald failsafe.
  • Concealed or recessed showers are anti-ligature when the control and shower head have smooth surfaces with no ligature points.