What are the Government’s objectives for the Future Homes Standard?

The Government has published the much awaited Future Homes and Building Standards consultation. This follows on from the Future Homes Standard consultation in 2019, which set Government’s intention to introduce new energy and ventilation standards in 2025 which would create zero-carbon ready homes.

With over four years since this 2019 consultation launched, we review what the Government has noted as its current policy objectives for the upcoming Future Homes Standard in 2025.

Government’s objectives of the policy are to deliver:

  • Significant carbon savings.
  • Homes which are high-quality and affordable, protecting occupants from high bills.
  • Homes which are “zero-carbon ready” (because they use electric or other renewable energy sources, no work will be necessary to allow these buildings to achieve zero carbon emissions when the electricity grid is fully decarbonised).
  • Homes which are cost-effective, affordable, practical and safe.

When reviewing the Government’s Future Homes and Building Standards consultation, it is important to first understand what Government is looking to achieve by introducing the proposed changes in the first place. This can help you to focus your response and highlight where current proposals may not, or could be extended to, achieve the intended aim.

The Future Homes and Building Standards consultation closes on the 6th March 2024. BEAMA will be formulating a response collated from member views and we are looking for initial comments by the 14th February 2024 to enable us to build our first draft ahead of this deadline.

If you have comments on how the consultation supports or needs amendments to support Government’s policy aims, please send your position to your group lead or Amy Collins using our member feedback form.

To read more on the Future Homes and Building Standards and the Home Energy Model, visit our central resource page.