LV Distribution Products

The Industrial and Single Phase Product Group consists of companies who manufacture the following low voltage electrical distribution products which are widely used and critical for the safe and reliable distribution of electricity in domestic, commercial and industrial properties.

  • Wiring accessories
  • Modular circuit protection including MCBs, RCDs, AFDDs, SPDs
  • Modular control products including timers, contactors, lighting controls
  • MCCBs and ACBs
  • HRC Fuselinks
  • Fused switchgear
  • Enclosure systems including Consumer Units, MCB Distribution Boards and MCCB Panelboards

Our members, who have formed active and experienced technical committees, ensure that they continually develop their products and support the development of product standards to meet future needs including those associated with the increasing complexity of buildings, as new low carbon technologies are integrated.

The resources on these pages are primarily aimed at specifiers, installers, and electrical wholesalers to provide valuable resources including information on compliance with regulations and also product and application guidance.