Why join the BEAMA community?

Becoming a BEAMA member instantly gives your company access to the BEAMA community, and we run the organization with a community approach at its heart, creating opportunities for networking with industry peers, opening up co-working opportunities and shared resources to help your company influence market defining policy, regulations or standards.

What level of support can you expect from your BEAMA membership?

Account management support

Every BEAMA technology group has a dedicated ‘account manager’ offering expert support and advice along with the capability to manage industry projects such as the development of guidance documents

Bespoke company-wide presentations

Through our expert account management service, members have the opportunity to request bespoke or general company briefings on relevant topics currently being overseen by the BEAMA team.

Quarterly statistics (manufacturing and market)

Our central economics service not only manages bespoke technology sector statistics schemes where they are required, but also publishes a number of manufacturing related reports to identify business and supply chain trends.

Bespoke legal support service

Our expert legal advisory service can offer targeted advice in the areas of regulatory compliance and relevant corporate requirements.

Guiding your organisation through new regulations or technical standards

Our experts at BEAMA will help guide you through changes in the market place that impact on your business, whether that’s amendments to existing technical standards and regulations, or new reporting requirements, we aim to steer you through how to apply these changes, giving you early notice ahead of publication.