Why are they renaming SAP?

When the Future Homes Standards become legally enforceable in 2025, industry may be showing compliance with Part L and producing EPCs using the Home Energy Model (HEM) rather than the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP). This is because the Government intends to replace SAP with a new model, which it deems worthy of a new name.

Why the name change?

HEM is not just a tweak on SAP, but rather a complete overhaul which has created a new dynamic model with the potential to be used in a much broader set of applications. The Government wants a new name for this new model and associated methodology.

According to the Government, the name Standard Assessment Procedure implies a restricted use and single application, and recalling this new version SAP would insinuate continuity with previous versions.

Instead, to express this significant change which this new model represents, Government has decided to introduce a new name: The Home Energy Mode.

Is HEM the right name?

Government chose the Homes Energy Model as they believe this name is more intuitive and descriptive of the model’s core function, which is to simulate the energy performance of a home.

When the Future Homes Standard comes out in 2025, it is proposed that the version of HEM to comply with these specific regulations will be called The Home Energy Model: FHS assessment (without the name change, it would likely have been called SAP 11) – not one which rolls off the tongue.

However there has been criticism of this choice of name, especially for those used to the acronym HEMS – home energy management system.

If not HEM, what else?

The Government is consulting on whether the Home Energy Model (HEM) and the Home Energy Model: FHS assessment are the right names for the new model, including whether there are any potential unintended consequences if this name proceeds.

This is covered in Question 1, 2 and 3 of The Home Energy Model: Making the Standard Assessment Procedure fit for a net zero future consultation:

1. What are your views on the choice of name for the new model? Please provide your reasoning and any supporting evidence.

2. What are your views on the choice of name for the version of the model which is to be used to demonstrate compliance with the Future Homes Standard? Please provide your reasoning and any supporting evidence.

3. What are your views on the potential implications of this proposed name change? Please provide your reasoning and any supporting evidence.

With the potential still open to call the new model something other than HEM, it is over to consultation respondents to propose other names if they feel this is necessary.

If you have any potential unintended consequences of the name Home Energy Model or an idea for another name the new model could be called, please send your position to your group lead or Amy Collins using our member feedback form.

To read more on the Future Homes Standards and the Home Energy Model, visit our central resource page.