Product standards, regulation and technical, policy and strategy documents

BEAMA is the national leader in the development of technical product standards for the electricity supply chain. As the leading representative for manufacturers in this sector, we send more delegates to national and international standards committees than any other UK trade association. We help members understand what is required of the EV charging infrastructure and define the technical requirements to deliver appropriate solutions.


BEAMA is leading and coordinating industry work to define the technical requirements and product standards for smart charging. Members will:

  • Define appropriate levels of interoperability of EV charging devices, systems and services
  • Define and describe best practice for future proofing EV charging infrastructure to boost investment confidence
  • Lead UK industry engagement with European and international standards activities
  • Help members influence and understand the implications of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), to be brought into UK law early 2020
  • Use our influence to ensure the EPBD is correctly interpreted in UK regulations
  • Engage at the highest levels on behalf of members to promote sensible cybersecurity practice and regulation


BEAMA was the only trade association for the physical EV infrastructure supply chain to be a member of both the EVET and the Mayor of London’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce. The London Delivery Plan for EV charging infrastructure to 2025 identified as a key enabler the need for guidance on future-proofing EV infrastructure to encourage investment. BEAMA’s significant contributions to this Delivery Plan has resulted in our being tasked with delivering this guidance, a set of agreed principles for the procurement, manufacture and operation of EV charging infrastructure.