Meet the Team


  • Howard Porter

    Chief Executive

    Dr Porter is the CEO of BEAMA, the Trade body for the UK electrical manufacturing industry. He has been in this post for 10 years. He is the Chairman of the implementation board of the Each Home Counts review of residential energy efficiency. He has several accompanying roles: Member of the ORGALIME board, the Brussels based industry body for the electrical and mechanical industries and chair of EURIS a multi association industry led group monitoring the changing relationship between the UK and the EU. He has a particular expertise in energy and the use of energy, with DPhil in the energy efficiency of housing, with an early career in research at the Building Research Establishment.

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  • John Parsons

    Director of Digital

    John Parsons is Director Digital of BEAMA, taking on this post at the start of 2019 and following a number of roles across BEAMA since joining in 2003. He is currently leading WP3 Technical Requirements for Smart Charging for the EVET project as well as Chairing BSI L/13 Smart Energy Systems Coordination Group. John leads on Building Information Management (BIM) and cybersecurity at BEAMA and has oversight of the Flexible Energy Systems and Networks Portfolios. Part of his role will involve understanding the impact of digitalisation on BEAMA members and how BEAMA should respond to this. John has been involved in the energy industry for 40 years working on many innovation topics such as fuel cells, gas turbines, microgeneration, CHP, flexibility, smart metering, smart grids and smart homes.

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  • Colin Timmins

    Director of Building Technologies

    Colin Timmins is Director of Member Services at BEAMA and also looks after the Heating Controls and Ventilation groups, as well as the residential sector group of eu.bac (European building automation and controls.) A Chartered Engineer with a background in building services engineering, he has 25 years’ experience in sustainable energy projects in the public and private sector and worked for the Energy Saving Trust for eight years establishing their energy advice service and consumer behaviour change strategies. Outside of work he runs a small record label.

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  • Yselkla Farmer

    Director of Policy and Marketing

    Yselkla has been at BEAMA for 8 years, working across the association managing groups for Electric Vehicle Infrastructure, Smart Grids, Connected Homes and Storage. Now Yselkla’s role links to all BEAMA sectors, ensuring a co-ordinated strategic approach is delivered for our policy and regulatory work. Central to Yselkla’s role is ensuring a consistent strong voice for our members in the development of Government Policy, Regulation and Political debates. Running BEAMA’s public affairs work within a central policy team has ensured a one BEAMA voice for all our sectors. Fundamental to Yselkla’s role is maintaining close working relationships with our European Trade Associations, relationships which will provide a solid foundation for UK industry’s input into EU policy and regulation post Brexit. Email: [email protected] Tel: 07815 903 454

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  • Andrew Willman

    Director of Legal, Trade, Economics & Finance

    Andrew is the Director of Legal, Finance, Economics and Compliance, having been BEAMA’s Legal Adviser and Company Secretary for many years. Andrew provides legal oversight of BEAMA’s activities, including compliance with competition law, and leads the team providing cross-BEAMA functions in finance, statistics, economics and compliance services. He also provides guidance to BEAMA members in commercial and contract law. In addition to his role on the BEAMA Board, Andrew represents BEAMA on a number of government and industry groups as well as being a member of the Orgalim Legal and Trade Policy working groups. Recently he has also led BEAMA’s work on customs and trade policy in connection with BEAMA’s leading role in the cross-industry group EURIS.

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  • Raj Vagdia

    Technical Director

    Raj Vagdia is the Technical Director at BEAMA responsible for horizontal and cross portfolio technical policy, standardization policy and conformity assessment policy. Raj represents BEAMA on several industry groups both at National and European levels including the Orgalim Technical Committee which covers product directives such as the Low Voltage Directive. Raj also represents BEAMA on a number of strategic standardisation committees and is the UK Member of the International Electrotechnical Commission Conformity Assessment Board (IEC CAB). Raj joined BEAMA in July 2012, having previously worked at an independent test and certification body and prior to that at a wiring devices and circuit protection manufacturing company. An Engineer with a background in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Raj has several years of experience in product testing, certification and standardisation.

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  • Emmanuel Amoakohene

    Head of Statistics


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  • Jeremy Yapp

    Head of Flexible Energy Systems

    Jeremy Yapp began his professional life managing an independent retail business. He worked for some years as a Hansard editor in the Australian Parliament and then in several energy and environment policy areas in the UK Civil Service, including the Smart Metering Implementation Programme. For BEAMA he manages the Flexible Energy Systems sector, representing the supply chain of smart metering, IoT, energy storage in buildings and EV infrastructure.

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  • Chris Pack

    Head of Building Electrical Services

    Following a long career in manufacturing in various commercial roles relating to circuit protection and distribution switchgear Chris joined BEAMA in 2017 as the head of BEAMA’s Building Electrical Systems portfolio which includes cable management, circuit protection and distribution products, wiring devices, house service cut-outs, feeder pillars, low voltage distribution switchboards and busbar trunking.

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  • Kevin Ray

    Head of Heating & Ventilation

    Kevin joined BEAMA in September 2018, taking on the role of Portfolio Manager for the Underfloor Heating, Water Treatment, Water Softeners, Electric Heating & Hot Water and more recently the Water Safety and Hygiene Groups. Prior to joining BEAMA Kevin spent the last 10 years working within the homes division of Honeywell. Responsible for product management and application support with a team of product specialists reporting to him. This across an ever growing and very technical group of products and in a very dynamic market. Prior to his time at Honeywell, Kevin has held marketing, product management and engineering roles across a number of manufacturing companies. This wide spread of experience, across several industries, gives him a very commercial and real life view of the products and markets that BEAMA represents and will allow BEAMA to bring real value to the members it represents in these groups.

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  • Chris Stammers

    Compliance Services Manager

    Chris Stammers is the BEAMA Compliance Services Manager. He is responsible for developing an expanding service to member companies affected, or concerned about , the growing number of non-compliant electrical installation products placed on the UK market which are compromising safety, energy performance and reliability requirements. As part of this role Chris also oversees the electrical product anti-counterfeiting activities BEAMA undertakes in China, Africa and the Middle East. Chris is also responsible for the commercial management of the BEAMA UK electric space and water heating portfolio Before joining BEAMA Chris accumulated 35 years’ experience in Market Insight , Marketing and product development roles in the electrical appliance Industry.

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  • Charlie May

    Marketing Manager

    Charlie has been with BEAMA for just over 5 years starting out as the marketing assistant to then becoming marketing manager. Charlie manages all the companies marketing activities which includes events, campaigns, content marketing, and outreach, website development and our online and offline marketing strategies. Her aims for the business is to align the company’s branding across all media, reach the right audience with the right messages, and increase BEAMA’s brand awareness as the knowledge portal for the industry, as well as enhancing our online presence through our social media platforms. Prior to joining BEAMA she worked as the marketing assistant for the Light Industry Association and attended Greenwich University where she received a BA Hons in Marketing and Advertising Communications.

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  • Simon Harpin

    Policy Manager

    Simon has been at BEAMA since mid-2011, working across the association including managing groups for Water Treatment, Water Safety & Hygiene and the Anti-Counterfeiting Working Group. As well as supporting the work of many other product groups across all sectors, Simon has also contributed to cross-BEAMA work including compliance and safety. He is now Policy Manager with responsibility for Heat and Energy in Buildings, Building Regulations, Transport, and Compliance and Safety policy. Simon works as part of the Policy and Marketing team to advise members on policy developments and influence Government and other stakeholders. He has an MA in Public Policy. Email: [email protected]

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  • Geoff Kingston

    Technical Manager - Networks and Flexible Energy Systems

    Geoff is a Technical Manager at BEAMA working in the Networks and Flexible Energy Systems sectors. He started work in the telecommunication area and then moved into electricity metering where is has spent the majority of his career. He is a Charter Engineer qualified in electronic engineering. His involvement in electricity metering has included meter design and project / technical management of prepayment meter systems. He has been responsible for approval testing with the role of Head of Laboratory for an in house UKAS test laboratory. He has received the IEC 1906 award for his contribution to international standardisation of electricity meters.

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