Our strong links to Government, other UK and International trade associations and key stakeholders has meant BEAMA can effectively represent our member’s interests on the development of policy and regulation. BEAMA strives for a collaborative approach to the work we deliver, and always aims to work with other key stakeholders in the industry to achieve the best outcomes for our market. We aim to work with, not against policy makers and offer constructive routes forward, and evidence. We are privileged to have a fantastic team in BEAMA with experts across the industry with many years’ experience to support the work we do, and with this we are able to provide a focal point for knowledge and expertise for our sector.

Simon Harpin - Head of Policy


Political Lobbying

BEAMA has a dedicated team working to ensure our Industry has a strong voice in the development of UK and International policy and regulation. We work with all our product groups and sectors to ensure we can provide the evidence base for well positioned industry publications, consultation responses and market statistics. 

BEAMA has longstanding relationships with key Government departments and stakeholders in the UK and Internationally. Fundamental to our work is maintaining close working relationships with our European Trade Associations, which we will continue to do so post Brexit, ensuring a solid foundation for UK industry’s influence in the setting of EU regulation.

BEAMA and the Energy Systems Catapult co-signed a partnership agreement back in 2017 to ensure both parties can effectively work together to address the current and emerging energy market challenges, this includes scoping for future trials, testing future market models and exploring ways to assist UK energy innovators to better access international markets.