Low carbon and 100% efficiency   

With the rapid decarbonisation of the electricity grid, electric heating, both at the off-peak and standard rate is now lower carbon intensive than fossil -fuel heating alternatives, and all electric resistance heating products are 100% efficient at point-of -use.

Low Capital and installation costs

Electric heating is easy to install, with most products just needing a connection to the electric circuit. For new build projects this means that the electric heater can be installed at the second fix wiring stage, and for refurbishments /replacements it means minimal   disruption for the household. It is also easy to add heaters to a system at any stage, as budgets allow, as  they operate as stand -alone units.

Low cost of ownership

The cost of energy will always be a significant part of the running costs but is only part of the equation. The true cost of ownership is the life-time cost of the system, which considers the fuel used and maintenance costs over its lifetime. Electric space heaters need no regular maintenance, are 100 % efficient at point-of-use, so no energy is wasted in the conversion to heat , and can last an average of 50% longer than a conventional fossil-fuel heat source.

Flexible & versatile  

Because electric space heating doesn’t normally require a flue or pipework, there are none of the regulatory or planning issues associated with positioning of flues to restrict the building design, and electric heating can be installed virtually anywhere in the room.    Electric water heating products also have fewer restrictions than fossil-fuel alternatives, and greater controllability. There is also a comprehensive range of different products available to suit lifestyle needs and applications.