What is the Future Homes Standard brand?

As part of the Future Homes and Buildings Consultation, the Government is consulting on whether they should endorse a brand or logo that can be used to distinguish Future Homes Standard homes from those built to previous energy efficiency standards.

What would the requirements be to use the brand or logo?

The idea of a Future Homes Standard brand or logo is still in early proposal stages. If this were to be government endorsed, the Government would need to be certain that developers using the brand were building good quality homes.

The Government has a proposal to ensure this: Only those developers who agree to voluntary test the performance of their homes and who meet a threshold for good performance would be authorised to use the brand or logo. They may also be required to make the performance results publicly available.

There are still many details to be developed around this. What is considered good performance and what exactly is being measured to constitute a Future Homes Standard home? How should developers voluntary test their homes? If the performance data relies on being collected post-occupancy, could the brand or logo be applied to other houses built by the same developer for sales purposes? And who would be responsible for authorising developer use?

The Government is consulting on whether this concept should be progressed as part of the Future Homes and Building (FHBS) consultation.

What could the risks be?

Government endorsement carries risk and there is awareness that this would be no exception. Dependent on final policy details, this could potentially include:

  • Attributing the brand or logo to homes which do not perform to the minimum yet-to-be-defined standards.
  • Consumer confusion if similar brands or logos are used for new homes which are not easily distinguishable to the government-endorsed scheme.
  • Consumers may expect a ‘Future Home’ to come equipped with a range of innovative, smart technologies, which go beyond what developers are required to do to meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements.

The Government is welcoming any views on potential risk or unintended consequences as part of the consultation process.

What consultation question does this relate to? This subject relates to paragraph 8.2.1 Future Homes Standard brand within the Future Homes and Building Standards Consultation and is covered in Question 41:

Do you think that the government should introduce a government-endorsed Future Homes Standard brand? And do you agree permission to use a government-endorsed Future Homes Standard brand should only be granted if a developer’s homes perform well when performance tested? Please include any potential risks you foresee in your answer.

a. Yes

b. Yes, and I want to provide additional suggestions or information

c. Yes, but I think there are risks associated with introducing a government-endorsed brand

d. No (please provide justification)

What next?

This proposal is still in early stages of development and the Government is seeking views on whether this is something which should be progressed.

Subject to the feedback within the Future Homes and Building Standards Consultation, the Government intends to consult on firm proposals in 2024, ahead of implementation in 2026.

If you have comments on this aspect of the consultation, please send your position to your group lead or Amy Collins using our member feedback form.

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