Membership Services

Services you can access as members of BEAMA



BEAMA has its own in-house legal expert with guidance available to members on commercial law, competition, product liability, public and utility procurement, intellectual property, counterfeiting and origin marking.


BEAMA provides a professional and confidential data collection and market reporting service for members based on their requirements and product groups.

BEAMA's specialised team is widely recognised as the UK authority on Contract Price Adjustment (CPA) and tracks cost indices to enable subscribers to prepare more accurate tenders.


BEAMA’s Exhibitions Department organises, on behalf of its members and the industry as a whole, group participation at events in the Middle East, India and Europe, and seeks to help develop new export markets where possible, often arranging a presence for just one company wishing to explore new exhibiting ventures.


The BEAMA Issues Forum serves as a one stop shop, accessible to all members, for updates on the latest developments across the range of directives, regulations, policies and strategic standards that BEAMA engages with. This includes UK, EU and international issues. The Issues Forum, as a central means of communication, allows members to engage with a wide range of issues including but not limited to Circular Economy, RoHS, REACH, WEEE, Ecodesign, Trade, Electrical Safety, BIM, Building Regulations and SmartCE. As information is retained in chronological order, the Issues Forum serves as a valuable repository for members to consult as and when necessary. 

The BEAMA Issues Forum also allow member organisation colleagues to access other market-based information resources. If you are a BEAMA member organsation and you or a colleague would like to gain access to the issues forum please contact: Charlie May, Marketing Manager [email protected] who will set up access for you.