Every building, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, relies on a safe and uninterrupted supply of electrical power.  BEAMA members manufacture virtually all of the low voltage equipment found in buildings, and our industry aim is to deliver products that give the peace of mind which comes hand in hand with performance and safety standards compliance.  Electrical installation equipment contributes not only to safety but also energy efficiency, and BEAMA works with its members to influence standards and regulations that deliver against these twin objectives.   

Nick Hayler - Head of Building Electrical Services




Building Electrical Systems

The Building Electrical Systems (BES) sector within BEAMA represents leading companies who manufacture and import products which manage the supply and containment of electricity in buildings. This includes circuit protection and control products together with their associated enclosure systems. The group also contains manufacturers of cable management products and systems which support the safe distribution of electricity.

The BES sector is focused on supporting the development and maintenance of product standards at UK, EU and International level via our active and experienced technical committees. BEAMA is also represented at JPEL/64, Electrical Installations of Buildings, which is the joint IET/BSI technical committee responsible for the maintenance and development of the UK wiring regulations. The groups provide regular responses to government requests for support and consultations on subjects such as improving electrical safety.

Members produce regular guides and documentation relating to changes in Regulation, Standards and new technologies to keep their customers up to date and safe in the knowledge this is produced by groups of experts.

Member companies are also working together across industry to support the Implementation of digitalisation projects in the UK such as Building information modelling (BIM).

In conjunction with CECAPI and MSSI, members work to eliminate unsafe and non-compliant electrical products in the UK and Europe to help protect people, goods and property.