Training and competency

It is essential that any installation of Mechanical Ventilation systems is carried out by skilled and competent persons. Using trained installers means that developers and consumers can be confident that the systems will be installed correctly and perform at the levels expected.

BEAMA have worked with NICEIC to develop a training and assessment package for installers of ventilation systems. The course has been designed to assess installers against set criteria, formed from the relevant National Occupational Standards (NOS) and is widely recognised within the building services engineering sector. It runs over two days and comprises a theory and practical exam as part of the final assessment.

Installers can sit the course at a number of NICEIC approved centres across the UK. You can find details of the training course here or contact NICEIC Training at [email protected]

Once installers hold the qualification then they can apply to NICEIC Competent Persons Scheme for Ventilation so they can self-certify their ventilation work in England & Wales. For more information contact NICEIC on 0870 013 0458 or visit their website



A list of NICEIC registered installers can be found here.

A list of Trustmark registered installers who install ventilation can be found here.