Our need for affordable, secure, reliable and decarbonised energy will lead to an increasing proportion of generation coming from renewable sources. these sources are often intermittent in nature when compared to large base load power such as nuclear and more carbon-intensive generation. the system will need to become more flexible to accommodate the mismatch between peaks and troughs of energy supply and demand. Some financial, regulatory and cultural change will help to smooth energy demand, and improvements in system efficiency will help as well, but these will not be sufficient on their own. the system will need ways of storing energy, in networks and in buildings, for times when demand is high and renewable generation low. Storage is therefore a key flexibility asset, and a crucial enabler of a smart system.

BEAMA take a technology neutral approach to our work on storage and our dedicated storage group covers a wide range of storage technologies including electrical, hot water, phase change and much more, the image below demonstrates the scope of our interest.