Smart Building Energy Management refers to products and systems that can save energy, increase comfort, enhance security and support other new technologies, such as electric vehicles. Whilst individual products are in themselves smart by nature, their true potential can be realised through the use of local communications technologies to combine functionality within an end to end system, in some cases integrating with upstream grid infrastructure; the Smart Grid. The system approach has bred a growing interest in interoperability, allowing the sharing of communications routes or sensors by different applications.

Nick Hayler - Director of Member Services


Flexible Energy System

This sector represents leading companies providing devices, systems and associated services relating to metering and behind-the-meter flexibility.

This sector currently consists of the Smart Metering Group (SMG), Metering Solutions Group (MSG), Consumer Energy Display Industry Group (CEDIG), Connected Homes Group (CHG), Energy Storage in Buildings Group (ESBG) and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Group (EVIG).

The strategic direction and activities of each group are determined by its Management Committee, comprised of and chaired by member companies who also send representatives to relevant external technical committees. We support the development and maintenance of product standards at UK, EU and international level via our active and experienced technical committees.

Member companies are also working together across industry to support the Implementation of digitalisation projects in the UK such as Building Information modelling (BIM).