Building Automation and Control Systems

The BACS Product Group consists of companies who manufacture control systems which are widely used to manage:

  • Mechanical Heating and hot water systems
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Cooling and air conditioning
  • Natural ventilation systems
  • Lighting
  • Time control, demand management and standby systems
  • Metering and monitoring systems
  • Communication safety and security systems

The EPBD recognises that effective control of the systems cited above is an essential element of overall system efficiency and hold a significant and cost- effective energy saving potential.

Our members ensure that they continually develop their products and support the development of product standards to meet future needs including those associated with the increasing complexity of buildings, to improve building energy performance through better control of technical building systems.

The resources on these pages are primarily aimed at specifiers, installers, and electrical wholesalers to provide valuable resources including information on compliance with regulations and also product and application guidance.