Electric Space and Water Heating

Chosen historically  for their low capital and maintenance  costs, and features such as versatility, reliability , controllability  and cleanliness, electric resistance space and water heating systems  have  for some years been the default option for many architects , specifiers and developers of new-build , highly insulated  flats , apartments, and smaller houses, and for refurbishment of properties of all types.

Now with the rapid decarbonisation of the Electricity generation grid and the target that the Government has set for the UK to have net- zero carbon emissions by 2050 , electric space and water heating, as a low carbon technology  in all its forms , from off-peak smart thermal storage heaters to wall mounted convectors and electric underfloor heating, from electric storage water heaters to  instantaneous electric showers, will have a pivotal role to play in the decarbonisation of heat in the UK.

The BEAMA Electric Space and water heating group is the voice of the UK Electric heating industry. We represent leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical heating products used in a variety of applications, from domestic to commercial and industrial. The Group is dedicated to advancing the role of electric heating in providing a low-cost, low-carbon alternative to fossil- fuelled space and water heating technologies.

The information on these pages is primarily aimed at home-owners, specifiers and installers as a valuable  resource which includes information on technologies available , applications and  compliance with appropriate regulations.