Legal Services

The BEAMA Legal Department provides the essential support to ensure that all of BEAMA’s activities are compliant with the rules affecting trade associations, delivering on BEAMA’s key value of Integrity, as well as providing guidance in the range of work carried out by BEAMA’s groups where legislative and regulatory issues are of concern. BEAMA Legal also provides a wide range of services and activities such as:

Member Company Guidance

Member companies can obtain guidance legal issues affecting companies in the BEAMA sectors of industry, notably in relation to contract law and conditions.  BEAMA publishes our own range of contract conditions and also makes a key contribution to the legal publications published by our European industry body, Orgalim.

BEAMA Legal can also provide guidance in a number of other areas including competition, product liability, public and utility procurement, intellectual property, counterfeiting and origin marking. 


BEAMA Legal also monitors the progress of legislation at both UK and EU level relating to companies' commercial and technical obligations, and lobbies on members behalf. 

Trade Issues

We also make the main BEMA contribution on trade policy issues both in the UK and in Europe through providing BEAMA’s membership on the Orgalim Trade Policy Working Group.  Our members are faced with a growing number of issues with regard to the UK’s future trade relationships in Europe and beyond with regard to rules of origin, tariff classifications, customs procedures as well as regulatory issues and BEAMA Legal provides the main interface with UK government officials on these.


BEAMA Legal provides training to both members and non-members on legal issues. This training is carried out in two ways; BEAMA periodically hosts seminars on a range of legal issues with guest speakers from the industry and the law, as well as providing in-house training on contract law and conditions at companies' own premises with a course programme tailored to the companies' specific interests.

BEAMA Contract Publications 

BEAMA supplies both members and non-members with legal publications available on request. To view the publications available and their price see the document on the left. 

Please note that members are eligible for a 20% discount. 

For more information email the Legal Department.