UK Trade Association for the energy sector supply chain send strong message in response to UK Energy Bill

10 May 2022

We need a UK energy bill that will help consumers today, and drive private investment into the growth of low carbon jobs and industries in the UK


BEAMA fully supports statements set out by Energy UK last week that this energy bill must deliver on commitments to create a low carbon power system by 2035 and drive us towards our 2050 Net Zero target. 

Recently published evidence from BEAMA and the Energy Systems Catapult demonstrates clearly that for a least cost approach to 2050 investment across the energy system must be bought forward ahead of 2035. Investment in flexible energy services, energy efficiency and extensive supply chain planning will save money in the long run.

Legislation that supports investment between now and 2035 will help to alleviate the impact of rising energy prices on consumers and drive private investment into low carbon energy sectors in the UK creating jobs and a genuine foundation on which the UKs leveling up agenda can be fulfilled. The demand on the supply chain to ensure energy security and a Net Zero transition is unprecedented for manufacturers and investors, well aligned legislation could help dramatically in ensuring growth in specific key sectors including the manufacturing of low carbon heating technologies in the UK and electricity transmission and distribution equipment. 

Urgent focus must be paid to helping consumers today with their rising energy bills. This was not addressed in the recent Energy Security Strategy and action for consumers will drive us towards our 2035 and 2050 targets. 

BEAMA published our Net Zero by Design report in October 2021, showing clear evidence of the significant saving consumers can make from simple improvements to their heating controls and system efficiency of an existing gas boiler. As a critical element of energy efficiency improvements in homes these measures will prepare homes for a Net Zero transition while saving them money today. The government should be supporting this with clear guidance for consumers and a program for installers.

“ Alongside any legislation for technology – much supported by the industry – it is essential that consumers and businesses are given support to make real improvements to the buildings we occupy. There are many improvements that can made now, both to reduce energy usage and allow building owners more influence in their future energy costs”

Dr. Howard Porter


“ As Government lays out its plans for decarbonising heat in our homes and fuel prices for householders reach record levels it remains critical that we look at cost effective ways to make our homes more energy efficient, while also futureproofing them for future low carbon heating. Better heating controls provide a route to achieve both of these. Research we have carried out provides a compelling validation of the benefits of heating controls in fuel consumption and we hope this can support more informed decision making in strategies going forward.”

Colin Timmins

Director of Technology Sectors, BEAMA


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