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Why Become a member of BEAMA!

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What are the Benefits of being a Member of BEAMA?

  • Representation on industry standards committees at UK, European and international levels.
  • Information and advice on current and developing legislation and product standards pertinent to the industry.
  • Legal, statistical, export and e-commerce support.
  • Strong links to Government and to wider stakeholders in related industries, utilities and contractors
  • Participation in sectored statistic schemes administered by independent professionals, which provides immense commercial value for members.
  • Special rates at BEAMA sponsored exhibitions and seminars.
  • Export initiatives - with advance notice and participation in government sponsored British trade missions and seminars.
  • The product development benefits gained from a close knowledge of the impending legal, commercial, technical and environmental demands.
  • Members' products comply with the latest national and international standards, design/development underpinned by BEAMA's intensive involvement in the standards process.
  • Provides a forum to interact with competitors with the reassurance of thorough compliance with competition constraints.