The Product Carbon Initiative

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About this initiative

Leading manufacturers of electro-mechanical products and systems within BEAMA have joined forces to increase awareness of the complexities of product embodied carbon in the built environment by launching the Product Carbon Initiative. 

BEAMA invites stakeholders from across the sector to join the conversation and support efforts to advance consistent embodied carbon best practices which respond to the supply chain challenges in collating this data.

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Navigate the landscape

Gain insight into the complex backdrop underpinning product embodied carbon data.

Explore the limits

Review the opportunities and restrictions of product embodied carbon data


Understand the formats

Update your understanding of key product embodied carbon data formats and the differences between them.

Learn how we can move forward

With a consistent, collaborative approach across the value chain for product embodied carbon.



Collaborate and engage with BEAMA

The trade association for energy-related infrastructure and building systems and services.

Our members manufacture the equipment which enable the UK’s electricity grid, transport networks and buildings to decarbonise and are highly engaged in the Net Zero transition. This includes the reduction of emissions in line with a science-based approach and the circular economy.

We are open to collaborations and partnerships to support industry, the market and Government initiatives in this space.  If you have a proposal or workstream you wish to discuss, contact us here