Net Zero by Industry

Net Zero by Industry: Business Will Not U-Turn on Net Zero

It’s time to unlock electrification for UK investment, public engagement and Net Zero.​

Net Zero must be delivered in an affordable and timely way. To enable us to do this, collaboration across the supply chain and Government is key. The growth and demand potential of electrification is not business as usual and enabling the supply chain for electrification technologies must be a political priority to achieve our climate commitments in a fair and just way.​

​Reaching Net Zero is only cost effective with energy efficiency, consumer choice and investment in energy decarbonisation and capacity. Most of the electrification technologies we need to do this are already on the market, we just need to leverage them through smart, flexible policy and giving confidence back to the investment and manufacturing communities.​





Manufacturers are making decisions on where to invest right now.​

In this visual report, we review the questions which manufacturers ask when looking to invest and innovate, reviewing the signs downstream of the meter which signal low risk, high opportunity investment potential.​

What does it take to give market certainty for the supply chain to invest and deliver at the pace Net Zero demands?​

Download our visual short report here.


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