Low Carbon Building Solutions

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 The pathway to low carbon buildings requires specific market and regulatory frameworks, technology performance and operating standards, well-constructed policy incentives and a drive for investment in capacity building and scaling output; not only for the UK, but also export markets.  The BEAMA team works with members, regulators and policy makers to deliver outcome based results supported by our collective technology expertise and experience in unlocking market potential. 

Each technology sector group in LCBS  manages its own work programme with an emphasis on specific sector needs (e.g. standardisation or product related regulations).  However, at the heart of success for this Group is the potential to cross-work between members who do not normally operate in the same market space; opening up opportunities for networking, joint venture projects and understanding how products work better within an interoperable system. 

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“ As we enter the next phase of the energy transition, our logical focus will be sharing best practice and engaging with the market design principles we need to deliver low carbon, comfortable and healthy buildings.”

LCBS Group Member