Why Become a member of BEAMA!


Market Insight

Members of trade associations are increasingly looking for market insight based on statistics, industry trends and political outlook.  BEAMA positions itself as an expert advisor to its members on market outlook across its range of represented sectors.  This has resulted in members being able to focus R&D, marketing and general business strategy both in existing and emerging markets.


BEAMA has very broad experience in manufacturer representation with particular emphasis on product legislation, standards and market surveillance. This provides essential background support for design and product development, which results in a range of high quality products complying with the latest international standards.

BEAMA has representation on over 300 external technical committees and working groups. This depth of influence allows Members to be involved at all stages of development of Policy and Standards.


BEAMA is the leading nominating organisation to BSI with BEAMA members serving on upwards of 200 standards committees (National, European and International). Membership of BEAMA brings along with it an excellent opportunity to participate in standards setting committees. Participation in standardisation ensures

BEAMA is best placed to influence the everchanging  landscape addressing digitalisation, connectivity and interoperability, energy efficiency and cybersecurity of products and systems. BEAMA strives to enhance electrical safety of products and systems by helping develop and maintain standards and installation rules such as the IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671). The BEAMA Technical Department also engages in strategic standards and conformity assessment committees. 


BEAMA offers other services, some of which are available to both members and non members:

  • Industry Statistic & Indice schemes
  • Anti Counterfeit schemes
  • UK delegations at International Exhibitions

Coverage of UK and EU policy for all of BEAMA Members

E.g. Brexit, cyber security, energy market design,  Ofgem Significant Code Review, Circular Economy and

Extended Producer Responsibility for Plastics, batteries and WEEE, Future of Heat, building regulations, SAP 10 implementation and SAP 11, smart EV charging policy,  regulation and standards for smart appliances,   Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan delivery and electrical safety and compliance

Engage with European Commission and Parliament via our EU trade associations Orgalime,  T&D Europe, CAPIEL, Applia, CECAPI, EHPA…

Members Area

Private customised web area for BEAMA members covering horizontal, focussed  and technology and committee specific work and information. This is open to all  staff of member organisations on request.

How we work with members

We work with members both directly to reflect specific business challenges and  with all members on industry issues and projects.

BEAMA Issues Forum, Policy, Regulation, Standards and much more

Detailed analysis and reporting in easily accessible format  for all member staff. This includes key standards and  policy devlelopments, directives, regulation and advice  on compliance.


 Economic and Market Information

  • Brexit statistics 
  • BEAMA indices 
  • Market trends
  • Product specific data services e.g. Transformers