BEAMA are pleased to support the MSSI Electrical series of videos aimed at raising awareness and an all-hands-on deck approach for compliant electrical installation products

26 Apr 2021

CECAPI, the European Trade association who BEAMA are members, have recently produced a series of videos through their Market Surveillance and Support Initiative Group (MSSI).  BEAMA have been actively involved with this group in the development of these videos which are specifically aimed at raising awareness among importers, wholesalers and installers of electrical installation products and the importance of their role in specifying, purchasing, selling and installing compliant products in order to avoid fire incidents and protect lives.

These videos also explain the MSSI Electrical approach, to help gather more stakeholders and to strengthen cooperation with authorities and associations. The series of videos cover

  • Why is it important to check electrical installation products are compliant?
  • How to carry out checks to see if products do follow compliance rules and are safe to install and use.
  • How to seek advice and assistance if you suspect an item to be non compliant.

 All videos can be found  here

The MSSI Communication group has also produced two press releases: one for the importers, wholesalers and installers “supply chain” and the other for “authorities” which can be found here.

Supply Chain PR

Authorities PR