BEAMA Sectors

  • Heating and Ventilation

    The groups that make up the heating and ventilation sector are Domestic Heat Pumps, Electric Heating & Hot Water, Heating Controls, Underfloor Heating, Ventilation, Water Safety & Hygiene, Water Softeners, and Water Treatment.

  • Building Electrical Systems

    The groups that make up the building electrical systems sector are Cable Management Systems, House Service Cut-outs, Circuit Protection Devices, Enclosure Systems, including domestic consumer units, distribution boards and panel boards, LV Distribution Switchboards, Feeder Pillars, Busbar Trunking and Switch and Fuse-gear.

  • Flexible Energy Systems

    The BEAMA Flexible Energy Systems sector consists of six product groups committed to developing reliable behind-the-meter solutions to one of the great energy challenges we face.

  • Networks

    The Networks sector covers manufacturers and providers of products for the Transmission & Distribution sector, including transformers, switchgear, network protection, automation, communications in addition to storage, smart grid, DSO and cybersecurity. Networks also covers related products and technology used in the commercial, industrial, renewables and oil and gas sectors.



BEAMA is a member association that represents manufacturers of electrical infrastructure products and  systems, from transmission through distribution to the environmental systems and services in the built  environment, with over 200 members ranging from SMEs to large multinationals. Our activities are divided into 4 main interest sectors: Heating & Ventilation; Building Electrical Systems; Flexible Energy Systems and Networks, these portfolios are managed by dedicated Portfolio Managers, and supported by Technical staff  and EU and UK policy experts.

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