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Guidance Documents

  1. A guide to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

    This guide considers all the infrastructure elements of EV charging and provides a reference for the different technologies and how they are used.

  2. BEAMA Best Practice Guide to Cable Ladder & Cable Tray Systems

    Channel Support Systems and other Associated Supports

  3. Guide to Verification - Second Editon

    This updated guide has been created to align with BS EN 61439-2: 2011 to explain in clear and simple terms, exactly how manufacturers can comply with its requirements relating to assembly verification.

  4. Guide to Low Voltage Busbar Trunking Systems Verified to BS EN 61439-6

    The object for this guide is to provide an easily understood document, aiding interpretation of the requirements to which Busbar Trunking Systems are designed and how they should be safely installed and used in service.

  5. Control Your Home campaign- getting involved

    Ways you can join the campaign

  6. Control Your Home Consumer Leaflet

    Fit heating controls and cut your bills by 40%