leading industry groups lay out a plan for sustained manufacturing growth

29 Apr 2015

Following recent encouraging European growth figures for the Electrical, Electronics and Instruments (EEI) sector, BEAMA and GAMBICA have called on all major UK parties to ensure the next Government sets policies in place that can see the UK compete for equivalent, if not stronger success.

Across Europe, EEI manufacturing experienced 1.7% growth in 2014 with an estimated 1.9% forecast for 2015 according to the leading manufacturing association in Brussels, Orgalime.  This is strong data for a sector that has a Euro 625bn turnover and employs 2.5m people across the EU.

But Dr Howard Porter, CEO of BEAMA, has laid down a challenge to all parties to keep their eye on the ball for sustained growth after the election saying "our continued involvement in the EU is imperative to success of course, and this view is shared by many leading industrialists. However, there is still much work to be done in the UK as we call on the future Government to work together with EEI manufacturers to encourage a better public procurement  framework for all companies, but in particular SMEs and a commitment to invest in the smart energy infrastructure that is integral to our future energy security."

Picking up on the theme of policies for UK growth, Dr Graeme Philp, CEO of GAMBICA added "At the heart of manufacturing growth lies investment; not just capital investment in facilities and plant equipment but also investment in people. Through our work with the Government chaired sector strategy organisation ESCO, we have made valuable inroads into encouraging new people into our industry through the development of a degree level apprenticeship support programme, but this is just the beginning.  We want the next Government to work with us to put technology and engineering at the forefront of education policy.  Our joint BEAMA/GAMBICA manifesto lays out our priority areas for working with Government and we will be pushing these hard throughout the next Government work programme and beyond to keep our sector on the right track for growth."

To view the BEAMA/GAMBICA manifesto click here


Notes to Editors:

About BEAMA 

BEAMA, the leading association for the manufacturers of electrical and related equipment in the UK. 

Member companies comprise over 220, ranging in size and include large multinationals, as well as SMEs and start-ups. The current employment in the UK is approximately 35,000. Our membership includes manufacturers of all the electrical products for energy networks and all building types including companies that manufacture products required for the Smart Meter roll out many products covered by the Green Deal and integrated solutions for the smarter buildings of the future communications.

The total output of the industry represented by BEAMA is £14 billion.



GAMBICA is the trade association for Instrumentation, Control, Automation and Laboratory Technology in the UK. Its membership is made up of over 200 companies including the major multinationals in the sector as well as smaller and medium sized companies.

The total output of the industry represented by GAMBICA is close to £7 billion. 


About ESCO

The ESCO Executive comprises the leading trade associations and other representative bodies providing a forum for the electronic systems community to share experience, best practice and resource to address common issues and a two way communication channel with Government departments and agencies to enable them to better support our community where appropriate.

For further information contact Kelly Butler at [email protected] or 07810 837113