BEAMA publishes new report on the in-home display of energy data

04 Mar 2019

The BEAMA Consumer Energy Display Industry Group (CEDIG) has commissioned a piece of cutting edge, independent research into the use, value and applications of in-home displays (IHDs). The Future Thinking report, The effectiveness & consumer experience of in-home displays, is part of CEDIG’s commitment to continually improve the ways we engage consumers in the smart energy revolution.

The report contains valuable insights into how to improve the consumer experience of energy displays to maximise the value of the smart metering rollout. Jeremy Yapp, Head of Flexible Energy Systems, BEAMA, said: “The report adds to our understanding of the dynamics of behaviour change and supports our efforts to maximise the value of near real time energy data. It shows IHDs to be pivotal to engaging consumers in additional smart services that will save them money, help manage the demands on the energy system and reduce carbon emissions”.

The report found:

  • IHDs deliver a positive customer experience and make life easier
  • Consumers primarily motivated by the desire to reduce waste respond to and use their IHD differently from those who primarily use an IHD to save money
  • IHDs offer a particular set of benefits to pre-payment customers, giving greater control over budgeting and making topping up more convenient
  • IHDs are constantly visible to everyone in the household, not just the bill payer, and are a useful part of a general education about energy and the environment
  • IHDs are often the catalyst for greater interest in other ways to use, monitor, save or manage energy, including in smart energy controls
  • Complex household dynamics mean that there are constraints on behaviour change beyond access to data. Understanding this will help the energy sector to help drive positive behaviour change.

To download a copy of the report see below

The Effectiveness & Consumer Experience of In-Home Displays

For further information contact Jeremy Yapp at [email protected] or 020 7793 3000