BEAMA Launches Groundbreaking Net Zero Service to Propel UK Manufacturing Toward Decarbonization

02 Apr 2024

BEAMA, the UK manufacturing trade association for energy-related infrastructure and building systems and services, proudly announces the launch of its pioneering Net Zero Service. Dedicated to supporting members in navigating the transition to Net Zero, this initiative underscores BEAMA's commitment to Net Zero and driving achievable but ambitious industry-wide change. 


As key suppliers of Net Zero enabling technologies into the electricity grid, EV charging infrastructure, and buildings, BEAMA's members play a pivotal role in advancing decarbonisation efforts. The Net Zero Service is designed to equip these stakeholders with a comprehensive corporate toolkit tailored to the evolving landscape of industrial decarbonisation and the need to reduce manufacturer’s emitted and embodied carbon whilst incorporating measures to align with a circular economy. 

"At BEAMA, we recognize the urgent imperative to decarbonize and are dedicated to empowering our members to lead the charge towards the industrial decarbonisation required for Net Zero," said Yselkla Farmer, CEO at BEAMA. "Our Net Zero Service is a testament to our commitment to fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and advocating for clear government policies to accelerate the transition in this space whilst ensuring it remains clear, comparable and achievable." 

Key components of this member only Net Zero Service include: 

  1. Educational Resources: Dedicated toolkits covering essential Net Zero and sustainability topics, including climate commitments, transition plans and finance, offsetting and general guidance to reduce all scoped emissions. These resources encompass a wealth of educational materials, market tools, case studies, and standards to guide members in their decarbonization journey. 

  2. Collaboration and Learning Opportunities: A series of events, webinars, and workshops to facilitate community learning and collaboration. These aim to support engagement between members and companies across the supply chain and wider market. 

  3. Technical Sustainability Committee: A specialized committee will be established to review and actively participate in the development of relevant standards and best practices, with ad hoc task and finish groups emerging to address market and supply chain challenges and opportunities. 


"We are thrilled by the overwhelming response from our members to this initiative," added Yselkla. "Together with our members and working closely with Government, the market and wider industry, we will commit to translating Net Zero into commercial application to drive meaningful progress towards a sustainable future." 

BEAMA remains steadfast in its mission to provide members with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate the complexities of decarbonisation and embrace a circular economy. This is not something which can be done in isolation and BEAMA welcomes collaboration and partnerships across industry, the market and Government initiatives in this space.