BEAMA host Net Zero Service Conference at The IET London

17 May 2024

The Net Zero Service Conference, held this week at The IET London, launching our Net Zero Service has been a remarkable success. The event drew a varied selection of our members from throughout industry, and was also attended by policymakers and sustainability advocates. 

The IET London provided an excellent venue for the conference. The historic venue offered a fantastic setting for both the panel sessions and networking. We hosted an impressive lineup of speakers, with experts in energy policy, and sustainable business practices, all of whom we extend our gratitude to for being there and sharing their views.


The discussions provided invaluable insights into the innovations and practices currently shaping our industry towards a low-carbon future. Our members gained an understanding on sustainability, emission reduction strategies, and the ways in which BEAMA’s Net Zero Service can facilitate their decarbonisation efforts.


A recurring theme throughout the conference was the critical importance of cross-sector collaboration, and investment in the supply chain for Net Zero. Speakers and attendees alike emphasized that achieving net-zero emissions will require coordinated efforts and massive investment from industry and government bodies.

The Conference was a successful event. It provided our attendees with valuable knowledge and insights into the tasks ahead, and also informed on how BEAMA can help with these upcoming challenges.

Find out more about how BEAMA are supporting the transition towards a more sustainable future with our Net Zero Service.