The BEAMA Connected Homes Demonstration - Beyond Smart Metering

11 November 2015

The Smart Meter rollout will create an unprecedented new platform for innovation in energy services – 53 million smart electricity and gas meters will be installed by energy suppliers in homes and small businesses by the end of 2020, each storing a consumer’s consumption and tariff information. It is this platform that supports the development of new technologies and services in the Consumer HAN and empowers consumers to take energy saving measures. This will allow consumers to switch energy supplier more easily and end estimated bills .

The connected homes market is an important sector for BEAMA and BEAMA members, including the mandated rollout of smart metering equipment and in-home displays across Great Britain.
The GB smart meter rollout places a strong emphasis on consumer benefits and the pace of market demand for consumer engagement solutions in the UK is greater than anywhere else in the world. BEAMA expects to see significant innovation in consumer energy management as part of the Consumer Home Area Network (C HAN), following the rollout of smart meters.
Smart meters provide the foundations for engaging consumers and there are multiple benefits consumers will be able to access with the right service provision and technology available on the market. Here, BEAMA has sought to demonstrate a handful of applications and customer options, as part of a much wider market.