Small business Net Zero case study guidance

21 June 2021

BEIS are looking for case studies showing different ways small businesses are taking action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The aim is to use these as a tool to help inspire other small businesses to make their own changes. Taking action could be as simple as ‘switch off’ reminder stickers on lights and computers, or as bold as installing bike racks, solar panels or electric vehicle charging points.

Your case study, which might be written or in video format, should ideally cover who you are, what you’ve done, the benefits and a call to action to encourage other businesses to get started on their climate journey.

If you would like to tell your story, the first step is to fill in this short form where you can let us know what you’re doing – this takes 7 minutes on average. Based on your answers we may get in touch with you about opportunities to feature in our marketing materials, which could include us coming out to film you to feature on social media (complying with COVID-19 regulations), being included in a PR pitch or featuring in a media partnership.

The case studies re intended to feature on the UK Business Climate Hub

If you have any questions or thoughts, please contact Sam Lux: [email protected].