SCIP IT user group meeting 28th May

02 June 2020

Please find attached the following presentations from the meeting of ECHA SCIP database IT user group which was held on the 28 May:

  • Slides presented by ECHA  
  • Presentation about DRAFT SCIP format version 2.0 
DRAFT SCIP Format version 2.0.pdf

These presentations will be available on ECHA website in the coming days at

The following issues were addressed during the meeting:

  • New approach to re-use data submitted by others to ECHA: simplified SCIP notification (SSN) & Referencing
    • When will simplified SCIP notification be available?
      • SCIP Dissemination planned for 2021
      • Submission portal features to submit a SSN planned for summer 2020
    • When will referencing be available
      • SCIP Dissemination planned for 2021
      • IUCLID features available NOW in beta
      • Referencing features in SCIP prototype planned for summer 2020
  • Service to service (S2S) update:
    • Summer 2020: S2S API will include SCIP number as a response after the first submission of an article by one Legal entity
  • SCIP IT user group Survey
    • Main outcome is for the ECHA to improve on the interaction from participants
  • Format change package release (see attachment 2)
  • Next steps:
    • Specific sessions:
      • Session about clarification of information requirements (e.g article categories and material categories) will be held on 11 June in the afternoon
      • Session about service to service (S2S) will be held on 17 June in the afternoon

Note: Orgalim Secretariat has registered to these specific sessions and we will keep you posted about the documents circulated.

    • Take into account many of your suggestions in all the aspects:
      • SCIP Webpage under assessment for final release on October 2020
      • Supporting documents: Under assessment final documents and possible translations.
      • Possible new improvements in the tools
  • Important note from ECHA:
    • IUCLID and ECHA Submission Portal is ready in prototype mode!!
    • S2S:
      • The service is ready
      • The harmonized format is ready (planned changes shared)
      • Current service allow to test connectivity and to perform and integration test
      • If you are facing problems to use it contact ECHA.
      • Review our website


ECHA would appreciate if all members of the IT user group could continue providing feedback about the tool, and through orgalim BEAMA members are able to submit examples and feedback of how the SCIP notification look like for our sector.

The next ECHA SCIP IT user group meeting will take place on 24 June in the afternoon.