Load and weather compensation controls - test report (2021)

13 October 2021

Report on a series of tests to establish the energy savings from load and weather compensating room thermostats (class IV, V and VI.)

A series of tests were carried out to establish the energy saving benefits of two types of advanced room thermostats that comply with the temperature control classes specified in the Energy Labelling Regulations for Space and Combination Heaters:

  • Directly Modulating Room Thermostats using either load or weather compensation (Class V and Class VI).
  • Room Thermostat with proportional on/off load compensation (Class IV)

The tests were carried out independently by the University of Salford and commissioned by BEAMA Heating Controls, the UK association for manufacturers of controls used in heating and hot water systems and for wider control of the internal environment of residential buildings.

The results of the tests are summarised in this paper.