Networks policy briefing - October 2020

30 October 2020

2020 continues to be a very challenging year for BEAMA members. We have seen Government having to intervene directly in the economy and at short notice in response to the Covid-19 outbreak, including a rapidly created Green Homes Grant scheme. We are moving swiftly towards the end of the Transition Period for leaving the EU, and the timings of details of arrangements for January and beyond are arriving late in the day, requiring members to adapt very quickly. Decarbonisation remains on the agenda but with delays to several key policies.

A backlog of strategies, consultations and legislation means that we should expect a similarly busy next 6 months. We aim to continue to give you clarity on upcoming policy, and in this briefing you will find an estimated timetable of key policy milestones expected in the rest of 2020, and a longer list of releases expected in the early months of 2021. You will see that a lot is due on the agenda.

An ongoing theme of the next year will be UK Government looking beyond transposing EU law into UK law, and considering how far to do things differently for the longer term in areas like ecodesign of products, treatment of waste and registration of chemicals. We will urge Government to work constructively with industry and to ensure there are as few barriers to trade with the EU as possible.

Given this is such a busy and unusual time for you all, we are also providing a summary version of the main content of the briefing alongside this more comprehensive document. We hope you will share both with your colleagues.

2021 will also see our Director of Policy and Marketing Yselkla Farmer return from maternity leave but in the meantime we are working hard to ensure you have the information and influence you need. As ever we will be very grateful for all the comments, insights and evidence that you provide.

This resource is for BEAMA members only

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