01 June 2017

Welcome to the first in a series of guides BEAMA Underfloor members are producing to inform householders and professionals on various aspects of warm water underfloor heating.

BEAMA Underfloor members have been designing, manufacturing, and installing warm water underfloor heating for decades and while the principles of comfortable, invisible and efficient heat haven’t changed there have been tremendous advances in the options available which has opened up the possibility to install UFH in almost any situation with minimum disruption.

However, knowledge and understanding of what modern systems can allow have not necessarily developed as rapidly. This guide looks at low profile and fast response systems and aims to fill some of those gaps. There are several different approaches but what all of the systems have in common is that they can be used in situations where UFH may have previously been considered unsuitable, difficult or time consuming.

These systems lend themselves well tosuspended floors and can be laid over existing floors so are great for renovation
work. Members of BEAMA Underfloor support training and the dissemination of factual information to help ensure installations are fit for purpose and provide homeowners with the most appropriate solution for their circumstances.

Look out for future publications on floor coverings, controls and heat sources, and check out our website for information for householders, designers and specifiers, and installers.