Energy Storage by design

18 May 2018

Today BEAMA has published Energy Storage by Design: Realising The Benefits Of Energy Storage In Buildings, the second report in the Electrification by Design series.

In December 2017 BEAMA published a report, Electrification by Design, exploring simple policy and market mechanisms to promote deployment of low-carbon electric systems. In it we identified critical enablers of a flexible and efficient low-carbon energy system. These include consumer engagement with energy use, targeted automation of energy management in buildings, and demand-side energy management. In the report we identified some of the challenges facing the market for smart products and made some recommendations for how to enable and maintain this market and maximise benefits to the consumer and to the network.

This report provides further detail on BEAMA’s view of the market for Building Energy Storage, the benefits on offer and the associated recommendations that are fundamental to realising greater value and the delivery of enhanced markets for storage and other low carbon technologies.