BEAMA Report - Demonstrating a Smart Grid

14 July 2015

BEAMA developed a ground breaking demonstration project for last years LCNI conference in Aberdeen, behind this Sentec, in partnership with BEAMA and BEAMA members, developed a model to simulate the behavior of a smart grid,  and test scenarios for grid operation and applications for DSR in the domestic environment.  This helped gain a more indepth understand of system hierarchies in the domestic property with integrated home automation and low carbon technology, as well as the aggregated affect of DSR from domestic on the LV distribution network. The demostration was delivered by 11 manufactures and provides a fantastic example of UK companies collaborating in the interest of the sector, and to help develop the markets understanding of smart grid technologies and importantly their market readiness. BEAMA have documented the project and model outputs in this publication with complimentary videos to show the scenarios developed in the model. For more information you can access the report here if you are a member,  alternatively contact BEAMA. 

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