BEAMA return to work guidance

15 July 2021

As we approach the date on which it is expected that the Government requirement to work from home whenever possible will be removed, BEAMA has produced this Guidance in collaboration with member company specialists to assist in assessing risks and considerations. 

BEAMA produced a detailed Guide in May 2020 to assist in workplace adaptations during the COVID-19 pandemic: 
https :/ / uk/resource Library/ covid-19-a-gu ide-on-returning-business­operations-to-the-new-normal-pdf .html 

Although adjustments in both workplaces and working practices will have been made during the past year or so, many members felt that a general document and sharing of experience and best practice could be helpful to provide an update and plan for greater levels of office-based working. This Guidance describes the position as it appears in June and July 2021; many companies will not make substantial changes to office use until after the Summer holiday period and it is likely that further adjustments will apply once new working models are trialed.

The Guidance will be updated as needed but this would be expected towards the end of 2021 and possibly also, as situations evolve, into 2022. 
The nature of workplaces, businesses and employment relations means that every company's situation will differ to some degree, so this document is provided as a general guide and not as specific advice. Specifically, it is intended to provide points to consider in the light of your own company positions. As always with health and safety and employment issues, you should seek your own legal advice wherever needed to deal with the specifics of your business needs.