BEAMA Response - Eco Design Preparatory Study on Smart Appliances

22 July 2015

BEAMA are developing guidance for the Commission and consultants responsible for the Eco Design Preparatory Study on Smart Appliances.  This is reviewing the fundamental needs of this industry which cuts across a range of sectors,  security,  assisted living and energy applications in the home. This is the BEAMA response submitted in reply to the recent consultation, ending the 15th July.  GB smart meter roll out places a strong emphasis on customer benefits from access to data and the applications that follow, therefore we expect the market growth for connected home devices to be significant in the UK.  With the potential to be a market leader BEAMA are therefore ensuring the interests of the UK are represented in the committees developing this study and any implementing measure that may follow is appropriately assessed for its suitability in the UK market.  If you have any questions about this please contact [email protected]