BEAMA Networks publishes Position Paper on Eco Design Directive for Transformers: Refurbished Equipment

05 October 2017

The Eco Design Regulations for new Transformers (No 548/2014) came into force on the 11th June 2014, setting in place mandatory levels of efficiency from 1st July 2015. Despite initial confusion over the status of transformers placed into service prior to the regulation, the mandatory requirements specifically refer to transformers placed on the market for the first time.  

Despite this, a degree of uncertainty still remains with regard to the use of repaired, refurbished, recommissioned and rented power transformers manufactured and placed into service prior to the regulation. Whilst specific exemptions to compliance are defined within the regulation, no reference whatsoever is made to the use of such equipment.

The first amendment to the regulation is expected to clarify the situation, however this is unlikely to appear for at least two years, consequently BEAMA and a number of UK Transformer companies have been actively involved in clarifying the legal position with regard to this aspect of the current directive for the benefit of UK manufacturers, suppliers and purchasers.