BEAMA Indices - Issue 610 (July 2020)

30 June 2020

Latest engineering labour and materical cost indices.

The indices included in the report are:

  • Labour Cost Indices (Jan 2010=100)
    • Electrical Engineering (CPA/4)
    • Mechanical Engineering (CPA/4)
  • Materials Indices (2010=100)
    • Basic Electrical Equipment (CPA/1)
    • Mechanical Engineering Materials (CPA/2)
    • Factory Built Assemblies of Control Equipment
    • Distribution Transformer  Materials
    • Industrial Electronics Materials
    • Basic Iron & Steel and of  Ferro Alloys
    • Large Power Transformer Materials
    • BEAMA/GB-GB/PGCA Composite Index
    • BISPA Indices for Materials Used for Steel Forgings

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