01 November 2019

BEAMA has developed its 2019 General Election briefing with requests for political parties to embed our industry’s priorities in their manifestos. Our proposals should gain cross-party support as they promote investment, clean growth, jobs and skills around manufacturing and growing exports.

Fulfilling our recommendations will meet existing aims that have broad support such as a net-zero emissions target, an improved energy system and healthier safer homes. Our members supply products of critical national importance, and by benefiting our members and the important markets they work in, we will benefit wider society.

We also make a general request that in the next Parliament we have competent, coherent policy development and management, where regulations are adequately enforced.

BEAMA looks forward to working with the next Government. We are ready to continue providing insight and evidence to decision makers, contributing constructively to the challenges any Government will face.

For more information please contact Policy and Marketing Director Yselkla Farmer at