BEAMA Climate change for business

05 June 2024

Read Part 1 of the Climate Change for Business Report Series​

Explore the profound impacts of climate change on businesses, especially in the manufacturing sector, with Part 1 of our comprehensive guide. This report delves into the necessity of limiting global temperature increases, the disruption of supply chains, the evolution of business-related policies, and the commercial drivers from downstream markets that propel businesses toward sustainability and Net Zero goals.​

Yselkla Farmer, CEO of BEAMA, emphasizes the critical importance of this report:​

“As we navigate the journey to Net Zero, manufacturing businesses find themselves at the forefront of a profound shift in the political, economic, and environmental landscape. This report guides businesses through the intricate web of factors shaping the impact of climate change, emphasizing the urgency of climate action and emissions reduction.”​

Key Sections:​

  1. Limiting Increases in Global Temperature​
  2. Disruption to Global Business and Supply Chains​
  3. Increased Business-related Policy to Meet Net Zero 2050​
  4. Commercial Drivers from the Downstream Value Chain​
  5. The Future for Sustainability in Business​

Download the eBook:​

  • To gain in-depth insights in understanding the potential impact of climate change of your business and requirement for planning and adaption due to the changing climate landscape, download the full "Climate Change for Business: Part 1 - Business Impact" report.​

Additional Resources:​

  • BEAMA’s Net Zero Service: Learn more about how BEAMA supports business decarbonization to meet Net Zero targets through comprehensive toolkits and resources. Find out more.​