Technical bulletin – Load ratings for manually operated functional switches

19 May 2020

This technical bulletin applies to manually operated mechanical general purpose functional switches conforming to BS EN 60669-1:2018, which are typically used in dwellings, offices, hotels and similar fixed electrical installations.

This technical bulletin does not apply to electronic switches which fall within the scope of the BS EN 60669-2 series such as dimmer switches or occupancy / automatic switches. The standards for these switches are currently being revised with respect to load ratings.

BS EN 60669-1:2018 will supersede BS EN 60669‑1:1999+A2:2008 on the 13th February 2021. During this period of time, switches can conform to the 2008 edition, and may not have the marking or rating described in this technical bulletin and designers should contact the switch manufacturer for information on load ratings such as for LED lighting.

BS EN 60669-1:2018 types of load


Switches to BS EN 60669-1:2018 are intended to control one or more of the following types of load:

a) a circuit for a tungsten filament lamp load;

b) a circuit for an externally ballasted lamp load (for example LED, CFL, fluorescent lamp load);

c) a circuit for a self-ballasted lamp load (for example LEDi or CFLi);

d) a circuit for a substantially resistive load with a power factor not less than 0.95;

e) a single phase circuit for a motor load with a rated current not exceeding 3 A at 250 V (750 VA) and at a power factor of not less than 0.6.