A key SDG event will take place at the IEC General Meeting

05 October 2022

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are a clear blueprint to make our planet a better place. IEC Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems contribute to all 17 goals, either directly or indirectly.

The SDGs have become increasingly important markers for IEC Technical Committees, many of which have modified their strategic business plan to include them and show how they intend to help meeting them.

For IEC stakeholders taking part in the GM, it is important to understand the relevance of these goals and how they connect to IEC Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems. It is also important to comprehend how industry and big business have taken on the SDGs in their own strategies.

The International Roundtable on the SDGs, which will take place on 2 November, from 9 am till 12, proposes to discuss these issues and more. 

The first morning panel will be dedicated to the role and responsibility of corporations in addressing the SDGs. A second panel will look at how IEC Standards and Conformity Assessment Systems help to meet the SDGs. A summary of the work done to date will be also communicated.

For more information on how IEC TCs are working to meet the SDGs, read: IEC TC 106 adopts new strategic business plan

To register your interest in the event, click here: https://IECforSDGs.eventbrite.co.uk