New proposed UK-Russia trade sanctions

10 May 2022

The government has announced a new package of sanctions against Russia.  The sanctions include:

  • New import tariffs on goods including platinum and palladium. Russia is one of the leading platinum and palladium producing countries and the government believe that the UK is a significant importer of Russian platinum and palladium products.
  • Planned export bans on materials and products such as chemicals, plastics, rubber, and machinery.

The timescales and schedules of goods affected have not yet been published but BEAMA has been informed that the proposed ban on machinery exports to Russia will include both mechanical and electrical equipment and will be extensive across HS codes 84 and 85, comprising the electrical and mechanical sectors.


This is the third wave of trade sanctions announced by the UK government and, excluding gold and energy, will bring the proportion of goods imports from Russia hit by restrictions to more than 96 percent, with more than 60 percent of goods exports to Russia under whole or partial restrictions.

More information can be found here: UK punishes Putin with new round of sanctions on £1.7 billion of goods - GOV.UK (


If you will be adversely affected by either the import or export restrictions, please send details in confidence to [email protected] and we will seek further guidance from government.