New power station is first step to strengthen UK energy infrastructure

21 Oct 2013


BEAMA welcomed the decision to increase generating capacity with the Hinckley C nuclear plant but this must go hand in hand with investments in the electricity transmission & distribution network.

BEAMA CEO Howard Porter said

“BEAMA welcomes today’s nuclear announcement as the first step towards strengthening the UKs energy infrastructure to provide much needed confidence in our energy future.

“New power stations are, however, only part of solution needed in the UK energy supply system. Significant investment is also needed in the electricity transmission & distribution network and increasing the capacity of other low carbon power sources. Creating a robust and secure energy infrastructure at an affordable cost will require significant innovation and BEAMA calls on Government to provide a stable long term energy policy that will allow the UK supply chain to maximise benefits for consumers, provide much needed jobs and underpin economic growth.”

BEAMA Deputy Director – Power sector, John Parsons said

“This is a big opportunity for British based companies to deliver the innovation needed for this major investment. BEAMA members are committed to providing the equipment and innovative products needed to meet the government’s carbon budget targets in time and affordably and look forward to working with the government and other stakeholders to transform our energy industry.”

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BEAMA has been established for over 100 years, covering a range of industries in the electrical, energy, water and power related sectors.

It represents directly some 150 companies in the UK electrotechnical and allied manufacturing industries. BEAMA members produce equipment required for smart grids, metering and homes.

BEAMA represents members’ interests in generic and specific areas within Government/ Governmental organisations, UK and international standards and industry players.

BEAMA members are active in many market sectors including commercial and residential buildings and energy networks.

BEAMA is a proactive trade association advising its members on relevant technology and market developments, particularly relating to the areas of product safety and sustainability.

BEAMA still retains its prime purpose – serving members and the national industrial base as the recognised electrotechnical industry association.

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