New BEAMA guide supports the Government’s film highlighting how ventilation can reduce the risk of COVID19

03 Dec 2020

Beama welcomes the Government’s recent release of a film highlighting how ventilation in indoor spaces can reduce the risk of infection from Coronavirus particles by over 70%. The Beama Ventilation Group represents leading UK manufacturers and suppliers of ventilation products and equipment and has published a guide to ventilation that can help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Keith Ritchie, Chair of the Beama Ventilation Group said:” I welcome the Government’s video highlighting the need for good ventilation in people’s homes. It is so important that simple steps are taken to improve indoor air quality and help reduce the risks of catching Coronavirus. The Beama guide sets out to explain how home ventilation works and what can easily be done to improve ventilation for everyone and protect health.”

You can view the guide here